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Stellar is a young and fast-growing reality, founded to fix what’s broken in the transportation systems of the future: a complete lack of fast, reliable, and secure internet connectivity. That’s where our ambition comes from, to bring digital life to vehicles and passengers with an outstanding Internet.

We unite talents and skills from three major industries:
automotive, telecommunications, and space and we are designing innovative products and services to shape the way people and vehicles communicate and connect while on the move.

We refer to ourselves as
Stellarians; we are committed and passionate, we can count on each other, we favor curiosity and growth, we inspire our customers, and we consider respect and integrity as key to our success.

If you feel in tune with our ambition, then
join us and let’s make a major impact on people’s experience on the roads.

You may also care of knowing that, besides job-specific perks, all our full-time positions also include a very competitive salary package, an enticing stock-option plan (BSPCE), a top-of-the-line work station, paid contract for your phone expenses, international travel insurance coverage, learning and development budget, regular off-site gatherings with all Stellarians, and an incredibly fun work environment.



We are very active with our customers from the bus and truck segments, and we already performing proof of concept activities with numerous car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, and mobility companies, covering both software and hardware milestones.

If you represent a company in the land mobility industry, or an infrastructure owner or institution, and you are curious to know how we can make your connectivity-related troubles go away, both in terms of deployment and monitoring of the best internet experience, use this form and our commercial and technical teams will be in touch with you swiftly:


Thanks for reaching out!



We greatly value our exchanges with investors and institutions; we thrive thanks to our partners and professional press coverage; and we are ready to tackle whatever topic you may be curious about. Just drop us a message and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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