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General questions
What is GLOBBLE?

GLOBBLE is an all-inclusive experience for broadband internet on the move. It comes with free use of the router, a 175 GB fully-managed data plan within any given month, no subscription, roaming-free in the EU, and 15-day money back guarantee.

GLOBBLE knows how to:

  • switch seamlessly to all available cellular networks;
  • orchestrate and combine the performance of cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks;
  • predict the next best network to minimize the risk of signal drop.

In short? Tell us where and when your next trip is. We'll send you GLOBBLE for you to stay connected at any driving speed and at virtually every location. When your booking is over, just put it back in the same packaging box and send it back to us.

Why using GLOBBLE?

GLOBBLE is for you if you need a perfect plug-and-play internet wherever you are going, without wanting to deal with your own contracts, subscriptions, burdensome installations, and without caring of EU roaming.

Just take GLOBBLE out of its box, and plug it into the power outlet. That's all, you will be online in less than a minute.

How much does it cost?

The pricing is simple and includes everything: plug-and-play hardware, AI software, fully-managed data service with hundreds of operators for up to 175 GB in any given month.

Oh, the price also includes your local VAT and free shipping to you and back to us.

In which countries does it work?

GLOBBLE will give you a perfect broadband internet in all EU countries + Switzerland.

Shipping (for free) is only possible to and from the continental EU territories.

What devices can I connect to GLOBBLE?

You can use GLOBBLE with literally all devices having Wi-Fi capabilities: smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, TVs, fridges, robots, etc. You can connect up to 30 devices at the same time.

GLOBBLE also offers Wi-Fi extension features, so if you happen to be in an area with an external Wi-Fi already available, you can connect GLOBBLE to it and let us combine all available networks for a superior experience.

GLOBBLE also features multiple Ethernet ports, for connecting satellite equipment, computers, servers, and pretty much everything else.

How can I book GLOBBLE for my next trip?

Visit this page, and pick your desired service duration and start date. Then let us know the country from where you are going to ship GLOBBLE back to us, at the end of our trip. And that's pretty much it; you can now add to cart and proceed to the payment.

Do I need to book it in advance?

Yes, advance booking is requested to let us enough time to prepare GLOBBLE, activate all services, and deliver it you in the EU.

We request a minimum of 7 days advance booking, but no worries that time gap is already built into the booking process when you pick your desired start date for the service.

Is it possible to extend my rental period?

Yes it is, as long as you let us know a couple of days before the end of your service period, so we can send you a new payment link and work on the necessary set up to extend your data access plans on time.

Just send us an email at shop@stellar.tc or use the Customer support page to send us a message.

My trip was cancelled. Can I cancel my GLOBBLE booking too?

Yes of course you can, as long as you let us know up to 7 days before your booking start date.

Just send us an email at shop@stellar.tc or use the Customer support page to send us a message.

GLOBBLE setup and service
What do I have to do to connect GLOBBLE to the internet?

There is not much to do: when you receive your GLOBBLE, take it out of the box (store the box, because you'll need it to send it back to us at the end of your booking), plug it into any power outlet, and wait about a minute. GLOBBLE will do its magic and take care of everything automatically.

Once GLOBBLE is on, it will emit a Wi-Fi signal; find it on your device, enter the password (only at the first time) and you will be immediately connected!

Where do I find the Wi-Fi password?

Look underneath your GLOBBLE, the password is written on a sticker under the router.

How do I connect my satellite internet equipment to GLOBBLE?

Use an ethernet cable to connect your satellite internet equipment to GLOBBLE, and GLOBBLE will combine its own internet speed to the satellite internet, to give you even superior performance.

Network speed and data usage
What speed can I expect from GLOBBLE?

GLOBBLE leverage all existing cellular networks, and manages also Wi-Fi and satellite networks, so its speed can be truly impressive.

You can expect download speed up to 500 Mbps at any driving speed (with typical speeds around 200 Mbps), and upload speed up to 100 Mbps.

Connecting external Wi-Fi networks, and satellite internet solutions to GLOBBLE, will allow it to reach even greater performance.

Can I make GLOBBLE even faster?

Yes you can! Every time you find an external Wi-Fi network around you (for example at a camping site), you can link it to your GLOBBLE (the instructions are written on the sticker underneath the router), so that GLOBBLE can combine its performance to those of the external Wi-Fi network, to give you an even faster internet.

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