Ideal for your holiday home

No matter where your home is located,
GLOBBLE will redefine your internet expectations.

Ideal for your holiday home

No matter where your home is located,
GLOBBLE will redefine your internet expectations.

As easy (and "hyphenated") as it gets

The GLOBBLE experience is "all-inclusive", "roaming-free", "subscription-free", "plug-and-play" internet.
1. Pick your start date

For the perfect on-the-move internet experience in Europe, order GLOBBLE when planning your next holiday. We offer plenty of data and we include the use of the router for free.

2. Enjoy free delivery

We'll send GLOBBLE to you by your preferred date, anywhere in Europe. Delivery is free to your home, but also to hotels, camping sites, holiday homes, and offices.

3. Experience a stellar internet

Plug GLOBBLE into the power plug, and we'll connect you automatically in less than 60 seconds. GLOBBLE operates seamlessly no matters where your home is.

4. Ship it back for free

Once your needs end, just place GLOBBLE back in its original packaging, affix the free shipping label we provided, and drop it off at one of the thousands of collection points.

Why do you need GLOBBLE?

Because 13% of homes in Europe are not connected to the internet.

Assuming fiber can even reach your home, you may not want to be forced to install fiber and sign a long-term contract, knowing you use that home for less than 3 or 4 months a year.

You may also not trust any one single internet operator to reliably serve your home. That's why GLOBBLE connects to multiple operators and always switches to the strongest one.

Disclaimer: A perfect internet means that guests will visit you more often, and it will make your stay a much happier stay.
If you don't like that, then GLOBBLE is not for you.

Here's what makes GLOBBLE so much better than other internet services

(Get ready to be amazed!)

Benefits for your home:

Up to 500 Mbps, virtually anywhere

We combine the capabilities of all active wireless networks to get you the absolute best performance possible, anywhere.

If you are here it's because internet never met your expectations;
we aren't going to play that game.

Benefits for your home:

Free router

Our multi-modem router, connecting to many cellular operators, with Wi-Fi extension capabilities and high-performance antennas will cost you nothing to use.

Are we serious?
Yep, entirely free. Just send it back when you are done (shipping is free too).

Benefits for your home:

Instant setup at home

Open the box and plug GLOBBLE into a standard power outlet.

That’s it. Less than that would probably be illegal.

Bonus: Do you want even better performance?
Then unfold the antennas and put GLOBBLE next to a window.

Benefits for your home:

Data plans valid anywhere in Europe

With GLOBBLE you can access the internet virtually anywhere, as our data plans are all roaming-free in the European Union and Switzerland.

We don’t like being limited either.

Benefits for your home:

No subscription

You are free to activate the service at any time and for any time duration, so you don’t have to commit to anything long term.

We are giving you the best
internet, not trying to get married.

Benefits for your home:

Designed to be the best

We seamlessly switch to the best available networks
+ we combine multiple networks at once to multiply the performance for your internet sessions
+ we can manage all cellular and Wi-Fi networks around you.

What does that even mean? That you can speed-test GLOBBLE next to any other internet access solution, and we'll crush it.

Benefits for your home:


If you like using satellite internet, but you don't want to risk overpaying for its expensive data consumption when other cheaper networks may be available around you (even if unreliably), you can simply connect your satellite equipment to GLOBBLE (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet port), and let us seamlessly orchestrate the satellite data usage for free.

Fact, earlier on we talked about GLOBBLE supporting cellular and Wi-Fi. We lied; we support satellite too.

This is if your home is really off the grid, but still not off the planet.

Benefits for your home:

Engineered by Stellar

We are experts in telco, automotive, and satellites and our connectivity solutions combine the best of these worlds, always offering a seamless access to the best cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks around you.

We like having fun while we tackle the World's biggest connectivity challenges.
But our products are no joke!

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