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METRACOM and Stellar sign partnership for secure private networks

Paris, June 13, 2022 – METRACOM and Stellar kick-start a strategic partnership in the field of space telecommunication systems for secure private networks.

Faced with more frequent threats of devastating weather events, where extreme violence of the elements can cause colossal damages, and, more generally, faced with crisis situations, this partnership aims at anticipating all telecommunications needs, specifically for the synchronization and coordination of defense and public safety operations.

The partnership between METRACOM and Stellar looks at private and secure telecommunication networks based on Stellar’s upcoming satellite constellation to provide high-speed, resilient, highly secure and low-latency communications, capable of meeting the needs of the most advanced applications.


Subsidiary of the GLOBAL Technologies Group, METRACOM, a telecommunication systems integrator, is specialized in the telecommunications & satellite operators, media and broadcast, defense and security sectors. Expert in engineering and deployment of IT projects, the GLOBAL Technologies Group focuses mainly on 3 sectors: satellite and telecom infrastructures, software solutions and complex projects with skills centers. The activities of the Group and its subsidiary METRACOM are complementary, allowing to propose Customers an end-to-end offer.

For any press inquiries, please contact: contact@metracom


About Stellar

We bring digital life to vehicles and passengers with an outstanding internet.

By leveraging cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks, we will be enabling persistent in-vehicle digital services, as well as enhancing automated driving and road safety for our #Automotive customers, while also offering unprecedented connectivity solutions to our #Enterprise and #Government customers.

Stellar is headquartered in Bordeaux, France and was founded in 2021 as the first mobility-driven, deep-tech, and sustainable connectivity company.

For any press inquiries please contact:

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