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Stellar announces its go-to-market strategy

Updated: Mar 21

Bordeaux, France, January 1, 2023 - Stellar – the newspace company focused on the mobility sector - announces its multi-step approach, designed to meet the needs of the mobility verticals while attuned to the roadmap of its customers.

It all begins with “steer”, a software-only solution capable of hitting the market in less than 18 months and which promises to improve the internet connectivity for vehicles on land by up to 50%, without requiring any hardware modification to the vehicles itself.

Throughout all the steps, internally code-named “steer”, “sign”, “streets”, “sweet”, “star”, and “sphere”, Stellar will offer to its customers (cars, buses, trucks, trains, bikes, agriculture machines, industrial machines) a totally agnostic network solution, combining the strengths of cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite connectivity at all times. The various steps are paced according to the new telecom hardware deployed onto vehicles.

Right from the start, Stellar has laid the groundwork for space systems to be able to meet the specific needs of the mobility world. It has established partnerships with numerous private players and robust relationships with EU institutions, and – among other initiatives – intends to strongly support IRIS² as an opportunity for EU to address the commercial needs of the EU mobility sector.

Damien Garot, Stellar’s co-founder and CEO, recently stated to investors: “Stellar’s unique DNA in mobility, space and telecom enables us to break through silos and provide digital life to vehicles and passengers, through the best internet experience”. He then added: “To be fit with the mobility sector expectations, we are embedding satellite telecom services into an agnostic solution. That’s the cornerstone of our roadmap, from day one to satellite constellations dedicated to the mobility sector.”

About Stellar

We bring digital life to vehicles and passengers through the best internet experience.

By leveraging cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks, we will be enabling persistent in-vehicle digital services, as well as enhancing automated driving and road safety for our #Automotive customers, while also offering unprecedented connectivity solutions to our #Enterprise and #Government customers.

Stellar is headquartered in Bordeaux, France and was founded in 2021 as the first mobility-driven, deep-tech, and sustainable connectivity company.

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