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Meet GLOBBLE, the internet that travels with you

GLOBBLE is an all-inclusive service, that takes the form of a router. Once plugged in, it provides internet in less than 60 seconds, regardless of your location or driving speed.

You won't be required to sign up for anything or bring your own data contracts, it just works:

  • Thanks to our network partners, GLOBBLE gives you immediate access to all cellular networks. It also boasts exceptional Wi-Fi extension capabilities, and supports satellite networks.

  • With our AI, GLOBBLE seamlessly switches between the best networks, aggregates multiple networks simultaneously, and predicts the next optimal network.

How can you get GLOBBLE for your next trip?

(GLOBBLE is currently available for service in all EU countries, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. More countries are coming soon.)
1. Pick your start date

For the perfect on-the-move internet experience in Europe, order GLOBBLE when planning your trip. We offer plenty of data and we include the use of the router for free.

2. Enjoy free delivery

We'll send GLOBBLE to you by your preferred date, anywhere in Europe. Delivery is free to your home, but also to hotels, camping sites, holiday homes, and offices.

3. Experience a stellar internet

Plug GLOBBLE into any power outlet, and we'll connect you automatically in less than 60 seconds. GLOBBLE operates seamlessly whether stationary or on the move.

4. Ship it back for free

Once your trip/need concludes, just place GLOBBLE back in its original packaging, affix the free shipping label we provided, and drop it off at one of the thousands of collection points.


Perfect for your camping trips

Are you planning your next camping trip?
Envision having reliable internet throughout your trip, streaming movies, making video calls, and working seamlessly - no more complaints about poor signal.
Whether on the move or stationary, GLOBBLE will redefine your internet experience.

Outstanding for your road trips

Are you fully prepared for your next car trip?
Enjoy streaming songs and movies, participate in productive meetings at any speed, from virtually all roads - finally transforming "travel time" into "valuable time".

Ideal for your holiday home

Is your holiday home connected to reliable internet?
With no commitment nor long-term contracts to deal with, getting your remote holiday home connected to the strongest networks just got possible. Our plug-and-play all-inclusive GLOBBLE experience is what will make your "holiday home" feel more like "home home".

A charm for your off-site events

Do you trust the internet at your upcoming off-site event venue to be good?
You don't want to spend time and money organizing the best off-site event for your company or team, just to find out that the venue you booked offers a poor and congested internet.
Tell us where the event venue is, and we'll ship a GLOBBLE there before your event starts, just so you can take internet for granted.

GLOBBLE's tech at a glance

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Slideshow about our brand
Slideshow about our brand

Kudos to our partners and friends

Kudos to our partners and friends

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