SaaS for broadband internet on new vehicles


SaaS for broadband internet on new vehicles

What is STEER?

STEER is a software-only solution for the best internet on the move, capable of seamlessly and predictively switching between all available cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks.

STEER leverages AI to orchestrate all existing connectivity hardware and all data contracts in place on any vehicle, and boosts the ability of all vehicles to access a ubiquitous broadband internet.

STEER is designed for line-fit integration into new vehicles at production stage.

Perfect for vehicle OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers

No matter who your connectivity provider of choice is, we can show you that you'll want their solution to be orchestrated by STEER on your vehicles.

We regularly run POCs with numerous OEMs and Tier-1s and we're consistently able to show that:

  • STEER brings immediate net cost savings to the OEMs
  • STEER greatly improves the internet quality of service on virtually all roads
  • STEER enables new digital services for passengers

Do you want to have a talk about STEER?

Wanna schedule a POC? Wanna discuss integration procedures? Wanna start taking internet for granted?
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