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Stellar introduces STEER, a B2B software for the mobility sector

Stellar introduces STEER, a B2B software for the mobility sector

Bordeaux, France, February 28, 2023 - Two months after having brought into the spotlight its multi-step go-to-market approach, Stellar is ready to formally announce the ongoing development activities of its first B2B software-only product, STEER.

While being developed and currently tested on thousands of km of roads, STEER is designed to enable land mobility customers to obtain game-changing net cost savings, as well as to offer new digital services to passengers thanks to the optimal quality of the onboard internet connectivity.

STEER is being offered as a B2B SaaS subscription for cars, trucks, buses, trains, bikes, and agriculture machinery and will be deployed on millions of vehicles in the coming years.
The software has been thoroughly tested on public roads as well as on racetracks. Stellar is pleased to see the rapid traction with car manufacturers, fleet operators and additional verticals, which has already generated a robust pipeline at very short term.
By breaking the silos between telecom networks (Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, satellite), STEER provides the best internet that the mobility sector needs to become more sustainable, supporting energy efficiency and new usages of vehicles.

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