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CES2024: Stellar unveils GLOBBLE, the all-inclusive solution for a perfect internet on the move

CES2024: Stellar unveils GLOBBLE, the all-inclusive solution for a perfect internet on the move

GLOBBLE folded on the beach

GLOBBLE - Stellar’s new all-inclusive experience for broadband connectivity on the move, at any driving speed.

Las Vegas, January 7, 2024 - Stellar, an emerging leader for connectivity on all roads, has unveiled GLOBBLE, which redefines connectivity on the move.

GLOBBLE provides a perfect internet to consumers with a particular focus on camping tourists needing to stay always connected while on the move, frequent car travelers tired of wasting hours on roads with poor internet, holiday home owners not interested in signing a long term contract for seasonal internet needs, and off-site event organizers who don’t trust the internet at their upcoming event venue to be good enough.

As the 2023 winner of the European Startup Prize for Mobility, Stellar has designed its all-inclusive GLOBBLE solution for European travelers and international travelers visiting the European Union, having simplicity in mind:

You are a person looking for broadband internet virtually anywhere and at any driving speed, but you don’t want to buy any equipment, you don’t want to subscribe to anything, and you are tired of hoping for any single internet provider to give you proper internet throughout all of Europe and on the move.

Problem solved: Visit the website and pick the desired start date and duration of the GLOBBLE service. After that, Stellar will ship GLOBBLE out to you for free anywhere in the European Union. As soon as you receive your GLOBBLE, just take it out of its box and plug it into any power outlet, and GLOBBLE will automatically connect you to the internet in less than a minute. Then, once your trip is over, you just put back GLOBBLE in its box and drop it off for free at one of the many collection points near you.

How much does it cost? The GLOBBLE experience offers 175 GB to be used within a month, for 169 EUR (including router, roaming-free data, shipping back and forth, and tax). And for this initial launch period, an additional 15 EUR discount is also available online, bringing the total cost down to 154 EUR for the consumers who secure their allocation already now, for start of service in May 2024.

The innovative GLOBBLE experience is "all-inclusive", "roaming-free in Europe", "subscription-free", and "plug-and-play" internet for consumers, but what’s the secret sauce behind its tech? GLOBBLE seamlessly ensures connectivity on the move through Stellar’s proprietary AI software STEER. Thanks to STEER, GLOBBLE can seamlessly orchestrate all Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Satellite networks, always switching to the best network, or combining multiple networks at once for more demanding internet sessions, all while being able to actively predict the next best network so to minimize connection drops virtually anywhere.

The team at Stellar has accumulated huge datasets on the quality of internet on roads, by mapping tens of thousands of kilometers, including the route of Tour de France 2023. They have quantified the frustration we all experience while travelling: 40% of highways suffer from poor internet; internet drops every 131 seconds on average. They have also concluded that the only way to offer ubiquitous broadband connectivity is to leverage multiple telecommunications networks of various nature (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Satellite) because no single network operator can achieve a sufficient quality of service on the move alone.


Extract from Stellar’s connectivity mapping of a segment of the Tour de France 2023, showing a predominantly poor internet.

The evident lack of proper internet on the roads is not just an issue for consumers though, as numerous fleet operators are struggling to ensure persistent broadband connectivity for their vehicles and distributed networks. And that’s why Stellar today also unveiled GLOBBLE FLEET, a professional solution to solve the internet drops for operators of buses, trains, trams, trucks, rentals, charging stations, security sensors, and so much more.

Until January 12th 2024, the Stellar team will be at CES Eureka Park (booth 61201).

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