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Stellar’s groundbreaking initiative for seamless connectivity on European roads at WEF Davos 2024

Stellar’s groundbreaking initiative for seamless connectivity on European roads at WEF Davos 2024

Stellar and Forward31 (The Porsche Digital Company Builder), took center stage at the AI House Davos during the World Economic Forum 2024, to unveil a pioneering campaign aimed at creating the first comprehensive dataset on the quality of telecommunication networks along European roads. This strategic initiative marks a crucial milestone in the development and commercialization of Stellar's AI engine, the driving force behind the revolutionary STEER software that underpins all of Stellar's innovative connectivity solutions.

Stellar and Forward31 in Davos 2024

Damien Garot, CEO of Stellar, and Markus Knopp, Forward31

Contrary to the perception of Davos as the summit of the elite, Stellar highlighted a pressing reality for all of Europe: currently, 40% of Europe still has inadequate connectivity on its highways and roads. Stellar's visionary approach involves the creation of a hybrid telecommunications infrastructure for the mobility sector, which will deliver flawless internet connectivity on all roads, accessible to everyone. This ambitious goal leverages the full spectrum of existing networks, including satellite, 4G/5G cellular, and Wi-Fi.

AI House in Davos 2024

AI House in Davos, Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum 2024

The World Economic Forum in Davos provided an unparalleled platform for Stellar to engage with technology leaders and influential institutions. The event facilitated insightful discussions and constructive dialogues around Stellar's commitment to transforming the landscape of connected mobility in Europe. This opportunity allowed Stellar to further explore new connections and interests in the solutions that they offer.

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