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Stellar at the European Commission and the European Parliament talking about the transition to a greener Europe through necessary innovations

Stellar at the European Commission and the European Parliament talking about the transition to a greener Europe through necessary innovations

Yesterday, marked an important moment for Stellar as Damien Garot, sat down with two key people shaping the future of transportation in Europe: Karima Delli, President of the Transportation and Tourism Committee at the European Parliament, and Maroš Šefčovič, the Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal at the European Commission. This meeting was a great testament to the potential of innovative technologies to drive monumental shifts across Europe.

What a way to spend a day, amidst some of the biggest decision-makers in Europe. The conversations with the top executives at the European Parliament and the European Commission made it clear that our solution is the key technology for the European automotive sector's digital race, as the Stellar-enabled cars are poised to offer the best digital experience to passengers and vehicle operators.

Additionally, the environment is at the forefront of the agenda with the Green Deal, led by Maroš Šefčovič, that aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. We are confident that with perfect internet on all roads, Europe can accelerate the Green Deal transition of the mobility sector, for which Stellar unlocks the scaling of innovative and low-carbon mobility usages across the whole of Europe.

Damien Garot along with some of the EUSP winners and Dan Sobovitz at the European Commission in Bruxelles, April 2024

Within sustainability planning there is currently still a big focus on electrification, however, the next step to developing truly sustainable and smart solutions is connectivity. All key players in the European Parliament and European Commission understand this. Currently, no single network infrastructure can reliably keep a device or vehicle connected throughout a longer trip. In Europe, 40% of roads suffer from poor or lacking internet, where signal drops occur every 131 seconds on average. Now, you tell us how that is meant to help us progress…

That’s where Stellar steps in with our AI-based software solution which aggregates, switches, and predicts multiple cellular, satellite, and Wi-Fi networks for seamless and ubiquitous connectivity on the move. The infrastructure is there but with big gaps that make it impossible to rely on the internet when on the move, and we are here to bridge those gaps for a smooth experience.

Sneak peek into one of the meetings happening in the hemicycle of the European Parliament

The meetings at the European Commission and the European Parliament were organized for the winners of the 2023 edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility (EUSP). We would like to say a big thank you to the organizers of the EUSP (especially Karima Delli and Dan Sobovitz) for facilitating these promising conversations about the future of mobility in Europe.

This day was really outstanding for Stellar and, at the moment, we are making some preparations at Maison Stellar to welcome one of the executives we met at the Parliament… we cannot wait!

Snapshot from a shared meal with Karima Delli and other key figures from the European Parliament

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