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Stellar maps quality of connectivity on major EU roads, generating over 40 million data points in new contract with a leading European car manufacturer

Stellar maps quality of connectivity on major EU roads, generating over 40 million data points in new contract with a leading European car manufacturer

Stellar has secured a significant commercial contract with a European car manufacturer to map the quality of connectivity on major European roads across several countries. This STEER SURVEY mapping has been completed for more than 10,000 Km and 13 border crossings over all cellular operators, satellite telecommunications and Wi-Fi hotspots within reach. The data collection of this represents more than 40 million data points,and is to date the largest dataset worldwide on hybrid (cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite) connectivity.


The results from this extensive analysis enable Stellar’s customer to accurately model the connectivity environment of its next generation of connected cars. As cars are becoming software-defined, their connectivity becomes an essential part of their operational capabilities.The findings from this study have proven the need for the next generation of cars to benefit from hybrid connectivity, leveraging cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite telecommunications networks. This confirms the Stellar vision of providing a perfect internet on all roads by orchestrating all types of networks, satellites or terrestrial, thanks to its STEER software.


This project follows the success of the STEER SURVEY analysis from the summer of 2023, when Stellar mapped the route of Tour de France, highlighting the alarming state of connectivity along the roads in France. Promptly, as this tool gives all the necessary information to understand the true quality of service for connected car innovations, Stellar has been tasked, by a major European car manufacturer, to map connectivity on roads across several European countries. Major EU roads and border crossings have been assessed, notably addressing the evident connectivity issues at borders, as well as the lack of a stable broadband service and the frequent connection drops when a two-way link cannot be maintained.

- Extract from STEER SURVEY conducted by Stellar following the route of Tour de France 2023, showing the true internet quality of service for one of the main mobile networks on around 25 km distance, as of July 2023 –


STEER SURVEY is a fully-managed service, for comprehensive data insights about connectivity on the move. Stellar maps cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite quality of service directly from the roads, for Automotive OEMs, Tier-1s, Terrestrial MNOs, satellite operators, and decision-makers in general to know how and where to improve their own connectivity networks or the networks they plan to rely upon for their applications on the move. In practice, STEER SURVEY comes in the form of a dashboard and actionable reports detailing over 50 metrics and parameters related to road connectivity, on the routes requested by Stellar’s customers.


Importantly, STEER SURVEY underlying raw data is used by Stellar to “train” the AI engine of of STEER, the World’s first AI-powered software capable of ensuring that internet-capable devices can seamlessly and predictively switch between, and aggregate, all available cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks.


Stellar is committed to bring digital life to passengers and vehicles thanks to its innovative solutions. Reach out to to explore together with Stellar how to benefit from perfect internet on all roads.


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