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Hi there!

Whether on the move or stationary,
GLOBBLE will redefine your internet expectations.

Hi there!

Whether on the move or stationary,
GLOBBLE will redefine your internet expectations.

Why do you need GLOBBLE?

Because internet is bad on 40% of European roads today.

How bad?
A videocall drops every 131 seconds on average.
That bad!

Nobody wants to settle for a poor service.

Here's what makes GLOBBLE so much better than other internet services

(Get ready to be amazed!)

Benefits for your trip:

Up to 500 Mbps, on the move, at any driving speed

Just insert the SIM card(s) of your choice, and let us combine the capabilities of all active wireless networks to get you “better-than-at-home” performance.

Benefits for your trip:

Wi-Fi extender

Our multi-modem router, in addition to connecting to your cellular operator(s) of choice, comes with Wi-Fi extension capabilities and high-performance antennas as standards.

Benefits for your trip:

Seriously low power consumption

GLOBBLE requires less than 20W to run, so unlike most solutions it will not affect what you can or can't do while you use it.

Benefits for your trip:

Instant setup in all situations

Open the box and plug GLOBBLE into a power outlet (wall or cigar plug).

Should you wish to access cellular networks, simply insert 1 or 2 SIM cards in the slots.

Benefits for your trip:

Works from inside the cabin

There is no need to install external antennas, and no need for unobstructed view of the sky. Most of the times you don't even need to unfold its antennas to get online.

Bonus: Do you want even better performance?
Then unfold the antennas and place GLOBBLE next to a window.

Benefits for your trip:

Designed to be the best

We seamlessly switch to the best available networks
+ we combine multiple networks at once to multiply the performance for your internet sessions
+ we can manage all cellular and Wi-Fi networks around you
+ we can predict signal drops to proactively work around no-signal zones.

Benefits for your trip:


If you like using satellite internet, but you don't want to risk overpaying for its expensive data consumption when other cheaper networks are available around you, you can simply connect your satellite equipment to GLOBBLE (via Wi-Fi or WAN port), and let us seamlessly orchestrate the satellite data usage for free.

Benefits for your trip:

Engineered by Stellar

We are experts in telco, automotive, and satellites and our connectivity solutions combine the best of these worlds, always offering a seamless access to the best wireless networks around you.

We like having fun while we tackle the World's biggest connectivity challenges.
But our products are no joke!

Want to become a distributor for GLOBBLE?

Send us a message and let's discuss.

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