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Internet QoS mapping on the roads


Internet QoS mapping on the roads


STEER SURVEY is a fully-managed service, for comprehensive data insights about connectivity on the move.

We map cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite quality of service directly from the roads, for decision-makers to know how and where to improve the connectivity networks for residents, tourists, and businesses on the move.

STEER SURVEY comes in the form of a dashboard and actionable reports detailing over 50 metrics and parameters related to road connectivity, on the routes our customers request.

What makes STEER SURVEY a game changer?

STEER SURVEY can map all types of networks: cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite.

STEER SURVEY can quantify the quality of experience of any mobile user and the quality of service of all network operators, assessing all measurements from the viewpoint of the vehicle's hardware.

STEER SURVEY can identify the path with the best connectivity, to support intelligent route selection.

Some outstanding benefits

Know the true deployment status of connectivity networks

Allow yourself to harness the most comprehensive connectivity insights on all the roads of your choice.

Improve your network monitoring capabilities

The very best analysis is done from the user‘s viewpoint. You simply cannot assess the way a car sees the internet signal, from a mobile phone placed in the driver's pocket.

Maximize your network management resources

Understand the true user experience within your territory of interest, without relying on misleading propagation models and deployment maps.

Take advantage from flexible terms and geographies

Our pricing is fully tailored to your area of interest and the networks you care of monitoring.

Fancy knowing more about STEER SURVEY?

STEER SURVEY mapped the route of "Tour de France 2023"

We used STEER SURVEY along the 3464 km of the Tour de France 2023, reporting some alarming results, affecting 15 million spectators on the roads and impacting businesses and residents all year long:

  • On any given hour on the road, broadband internet was not achievable for 37 minutes;
  • Vehicles experienced broadband internet loss every 131 seconds;
  • Cellular networks (even when assessing the service of all four French MNOs) are not able to provide broadband service for 30.7% of the time, and resorting to satellite would be inevitable for that time.