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Holiday destination Stellar GLOBBLE

How about an extra couple of weeks at your holiday destination?

We talk a lot about connected mobility, connectivity on the move, internet, autonomous driving, van life and much much more... but how did we get to this? And why do we do what we do at Stellar?

Boiled down to just 5 words, at Stellar, "we connect what drives you". This is what guides our development and decision-making. It is the foundation of what we do. We connect whatever it may be that drives you because we believe that the future is connected.

Are you developing the car of the future which is full of innovative software solutions? We will connect your car fleet.

Our team has faced this issue many times. We have our weekly catch-up team call but someone is on their way to an in-person event... and what then? We try our best to catch-up to the best of our abilities but sooner or later that person is dropping in and out and it’s just not efficient. We are really the biggest supporters for connected cars for this reason. But also due to all the potential sustainability implications this holds! Let us be your connectivity partners.


Are you getting ready to go on a 2-week camper-van trip but want to extend it and work remotely? We will connect your van.

We know that you usually wouldn’t do that because you know internet can suck. It's simply not reliable when on the move, especially while camping in a beautiful and secluded place. That's why we will connect your van. We at Stellar are planning to make the most of our innovation this summer with one Stellarian working from a remote holiday home outside of Rome, another one from a beach in Spain and another one exploring France with the whole family while making sure to be reachable for all the investor calls (... startup life do be like that).

Are you driving trucks across Europe and want to stay connected to your family and friends even during border crossings? We will connect your truck.

Being constantly on the move can feel lonely sometimes, and as one of the most important jobs out there, we would love to support you and connect you to those closest to your heart. Whether it’s for your family video calls or streaming Netflix during your breaks.

There are so many outstanding innovations happening in the mobility sector, and it would be a shame for them to go to waste due to insufficient connectivity on the move.

As experts in the telco, space, and automotive industries, we have identified a pivotal gap at the intersection of these fields – a gap that, if left unaddressed, would stifle progress. It is obvious that without filling that gap, a lot of the groundbreaking technology solutions cannot come to life.

This is why we developed STEER - the brain behind our all-inclusive products GLOBBLE, GLOBBLE MEDIA, GLOBBLE FLEET and fed by our connectivity data from STEER SURVEY - which orchestrates all networks (cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite) and uses AI to provide a seamless digital experience on the move. STEER makes use of already available infrastructure and meshes them to allow for ubiquitous connectivity.

This innovation, along with the conviction that connectivity is the enabler to a more sustainable, more efficient and more innovative future, are what guides Stellar forward.

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